Scale and Proportion

by emmy


Scale and Proportion are in comparative relation to a WHOLE, it is the relationship of one thing to another.

It is important to pay attention to how items in a room relate to the size of the room (scale) and to each other (proportion) in terms of size. Interior spaces can benefit with a variety in scale to create interest and drama, but drastic differences can be very unsuccessful.

For example, an oversized lamp on a petite table or one small piece of artwork above a large-scale sofa, or an overstuffed sofa with a delicate side table will create unbalance.

Similarly in large rooms with high ceilings, large doors and windows, you can achieve a sense of scale and portion by using a different paint to a certain height or a form of panelling to visually reduce the scale of the interior.

In general, consider the room when choosing furniture and try and pay attention to the way items relate to the size of the room and to each other and consider how the room will be used.

Don’t overcrowd the room for both aesthetically and functional reasons.