Kitchen Benchtops

by emmy


The busiest and most used room in any home is certainly the kitchen. For most of us, the kitchen is where family and friends will congregate together to eat, chat and entertain. A common kitchen design complaint is the lack of bench space. As a result, bench tops are a key component to any kitchen design or re-design with natural stone / engineered stone a top favorite.

Engineered Stone - also referred to as quartz, composite stone or reconstituted stone bench tops, have the advantage of being pre-sealed and will not require resealing. They are very versatile in design, durable, easy to clean and non-porous.
Disadvantages are that engineered stone can be prone to chipping and will not cope with excessive heat.

Natural Stone – Marble and Granite
Marble is beautiful and elegant but needs to be resealed and maintained, as it is soft and too soluble.
Granite is an excellent choice for kitchens as it is extremely hard and will not scratch or stain easily. Granite needs to be resealed annually and if cracked it cannot be effectively repaired. Another downside to granite is that it is only available in darker colors and definitely not available in white!

Natural and engineered stone is a favorite bench top among Australian homeowners with wood and stainless steel following. A growing trend is towards concrete, due to the increased industrial style trend.

Happy designing.