Shades of Grey

by emmy


Welcome to the colour palette of Grey. 
The new addition to the neutrals of contemporary design. It is an immensely versatile colour option, rejuvenating your home and it is sure to complement your existing décor.

We love our neutrals and naturals as they mimic the colours of the earth and create a sense of balance and reliability. Neutrals are practical and unlike other hues, neutrals work not by inciting a physical reaction but by awakening our sense of stability and peace.

Grey is associated with stone, minerals and metals and despite it’s industrial overtones, greys can enhance an architectural space as it brings about a sense of serenity, strength and longevity.


  • Grey can create either a neutral, industrial, elegant or sophisticated interior design style.
  • Grey as a backdrop works perfectly with vibrant colours as well as the current trend of pastels.
  • Combine Grey with contrasting and rich textures such as warm copper, timber, crystal, antique silver mirrors and deep pile luxury floor rugs.
  • Grey works exceptionally well in kitchens, especially when paired with white marble and timber flooring.
  • To make a space feel much larger, use black against grey. The black will recede and the grey will create an illusion of more space.
  • For added depth consider using different shades of grey.
  • To brighten rooms, use a light grey for the walls with timber flooring, white furniture and opulent fabrics.

Grey is serene and sophisticated, and it is a welcomed third option to the often used neutral tones of beige and off-white.