Fabric vs Leather

by emmy


Both fabric and leather materials have come a long way in design and quality. There are benefits and disadvantages to both and before deciding on your sofa material, you need to consider your personal style, the style of your furniture as well as the overall design of your home.

The Emme Designs preference is most certainly always fabric. It is softer in look and feel and creates a warm and inviting style whereas leather in contrast can be stark and cold. Leather needs a little more TLC with regular moisturising to keep the leather soft.

Fabric sofas tend to have a stain resistant finish making their cleaning easier and
depending on the quality of the material, fabrics will have different lifespans before they succumb to wear and tear and the higher the quality of the fabric and Martindale Rub, the longer the lifespan.

Good quality leather has its place, depending on your décor and the style you are trying to achieve in your home. Leather could be an option for a minimalist and highly contemporary design style.

Our key considerations for a fabric sofa include:

  • Ensure your sofa is an investment piece with longevity by keeping to neutral designs.
  • For sofas that will be regularly used, avoid natural fibres.
  • Polyester fabrics are hardy as they generally have a heavy domestic or commercial grading.
  • The higher the Martindale Rub Test count the more durable the fabric will be.
  • Consider the weave of the fabric. For a contemporary look use a refined weave and for a casual look consider a chunky weave.
  • Keep patterns and colourful fabrics for armchairs.