Nature Inspired

by emmy


An emerging design and decor trend that is likely to dominate our design and decorating this year, is the return to nature for materials and inspiration with the use of timber, marble, leather, and natural fibres. The warm textures and earthy tones of these natural materials are making an impression on our design trends, adding personality and subtle elegance to our neutral interiors.

We are all becoming more and more aware of our environment and of the products we use as seen with the increased trend towards organic and renewable products and materials that are durable. Warwick have recently launched their new nature inspired “Naturally Warwick” collection, perfect for Autumn with warm, cosy and down-to-earth shades.

Using natural materials in your interior design and décor has many advantages:
- A timeless interior style
- Adding warmth and texture to neutral interiors
- Investing in quality products
- On trend interior design with the use of green materials

Before you start your next renovation or interior project, consider getting back to nature. Not only an emerging interior design trend for 2016 but a trend that we feel is here to stay.